What is EO-N ?


EO-N. The New Generation of Solid Surface.


EO-N  represents a new generation of Solid Surface. It completes the presence in the market of other brands, but adding an extra importance to the concept because it is a totally ecological product.

EO-N is ideal for architects because it is a material with no limits defining forms and spaces itself. Due to its versatility and flexibility, EO-N allows the creation of designs that are able to meet the needs of each customer.


EO-N is different from other Solid Surfaces in the market because for many of its products EO-N not only offers traditional white matt but also a gloss white finish that allows better combinations with other items in the bathroom.. Additionally all RAL colors are available. Moreover, applying new technologies EO-N provides the ability to insert and customize decorative shapes into sinks, baths and shower trays.



EO-N  is pleasant to the human touch, similar to natural stone offering virtually the same strength, uniformity and durability, but with the advantage of creating objects with unlimited seamless designs.


EO-N has a unique formula with a high percentage of high grade minerals (ATH-Alumina trihydrate) and negligible low percentage of acrylic resin or polyester.

EO-N is resistant to mould and bacteria, fire retardant, non-porous with a low water absorption rate, highly resistance to stains and especially sunlight. 

A selection of the EO-N products has been CUPC certified and has successfully passed tests ranging from impact resistance to color fading due to sunlight, high temperatures and abrasive cleaners.

EO-N can be repaired to remove damages, scratches or stains by just using an abrasive sponge and some detergent. 

It is an environmentally friendly material, 100% recyclable and all EO-N products can be reprocessed and reused in other production cycles.


EO-N aims to be an international reference in Solid Surface, so we have started a collaboration with the famous Italian design studio Meneghello Paolelli to create new concepts for the bathroom.